Mobile SEO

Over the last ten years, every year has been the ‘year of mobile’, but now the mobile search is most definitely here and it is consuming more and more marketing dollars every month.

For years, advertisers have understood that multiple devices are involved in a user’s conversion cycle, and to have a closer understanding on the process is key to maximising the potential for their online activity. The problem has been simply that previously marketers haven’t been able to align the data.

Now, when a user is signed in to their Google accounts across multiple devices (mobile, tablet, desktop etc), Google can record the user journey to a point of conversion from clicks from each different device and then use this data to provide an ‘estimated total number of cross device conversions’.

What this will do is give advertisers far more insight into the role of various devices in the conversion cycle and better data to optimise for accounts. The undoubted outcome will be an increase in mobile-device targeting, as advertisers are able to attribute better and understand mobile’s involvement in the overall key business-performance metrics. One thing is for certain – the importance of mobile will continue to grow at astonishing rates!

Adapted from

Ryan, D., 2016. Understanding digital marketing: marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation. Kogan Page Publishers.

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